SlowTon Pet Slow Feeder Bowl, Non Toxic Bloat Stop Interactive Dog Feed Water Bowl Fun Puzzle Dish with Non Skid Base Prevent Choking indigestion vomiting with Bonus Clean Brush

£9.99£10.49 (as of March 21, 2019, 8:18 pm)

Prevent choking and bloating — This eating slow bowl forcing dogs to lick the food out of the bowl. It makes your dog chews the kibble instead of just swallowing a mouthful whole to prevent choking and bloating.
Make Every Meal Time Fun and Challenging — This slow feeder bowl is not only a food dish but also provides some mental stimulation. The maze helps dog stimulate his mental development and exercise his ability to resolve the issue.
Well made and special design — It made from Non Toxic Polypropylene. There are five little rubber feet under the bowl helps keep the bowl in place while dog eats. There are multiple small compartments that keep her from getting more than a small bite at a time.

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